Data Driven Marketing

Make Your Clients Money - Through Data! How a data-driven page generated over 10,306 website entrances and over 4,486 more pageviews than the homepage. Occasionally when I explain that we provide “data-driven marketing,” people’s eyes will start to glaze over. They might take an extra sip of their drink, or alter their stance to buy some extra time before responding, “Huh...that’s cool”. Let’s set the record straight, it’s not really ‘cool’! It’s a beautiful discovery of digital psychological data that can make or break a company's online sales. --Which is not to be taken lightly. The first 30 hours of any new full client marketing retainer is devoted to research (not moving a single pixel, not creating a cat.gif and not marketing). Here’s Why: The ‘Open Vs. Closed MRI’ page we fought to create (upon discovering a large need for this info) is now out performing their homepage. When met with resistance by the client's executives, I urged them to let us create this page due to the sheer amount of searches it garnished a month. Page Highlights: Over 10,306 website entrances came in through this page Over 5,282 more unique pageviews than the homepage Over 4,486 more pageviews than the homepage People are spending over twice the time on this page than the homepage Granted, the bounce rate and exit % is high. However, this client only serves a few select areas, so this is still a beautiful thing! Why We Fought To Create This "Seemingly odd" Page? Demographic research showed that Nationally, 306+ people a month are searching for “open mri vs. closed mri”. These search terms had very low competition and no one in the space had properly addressed the open vs. closed mri debacle. "open mri vs closed mri" |  260 (avg. monthly searches)  |  0.22 (comp) "closed mri vs open mri"  |  46 (avg. monthly searches)  | 0.25 (comp) We also discovered that there were many other long tail keyword searches that parlayed nicely into this content piece surrounding the open vs closed mri systems. We never could have guessed that it would someday rank #1 for “Open vs Closed Mri”, or that it would outperform the homepage. However, we did know that it was a question people wanted answered. And, you'll nearly always be rewarded for answering a target market's 'intent' or question. TLDR; 1. Do your research 2. Connect the dots 3. Answer your demographic’s questions 4. This will not only set you apart as a credible expert in the field, but will draw your clients in more business. BONUS Data Hack: Want to know if someone asks a question into Google and it leads them to your website?!  And what that question was?! Add this regular expression to your Google Analytics > Admin > Segments > Traffic Sources: \b(adding|does|do|who|what|where|when|why|how|will|can|\?|am|is|are|was|were|be|being|been|versus|vs|vs\.|best)\b -Receive notifications of what your web traffic is asking into Google (that's leading them to you)!! By simply adding these questions to your website’s FAQ, you can continue generating traffic through high quality content and some have seen up to a 60% increase in traffic over the course of 6 months. Do you have any secret tricks to add to a digital marketer's arsenal? Leave a comment below. Happy Hustling, Britney … [Read more...]